It all started on a clear summer day, with pigeons spreading their wings in the sun and children’s laughter. What a blessing! Looking at so much beauty, I undrestood that we are responsible for creating a better world around us, a quality world full of joy. This is how the brand CEST PHARMA was born. Why we chose the name CEST? Because the four initials of our children are combined: Claudiu, Eduard, Sofia and Tania. They are our most precious gifts and this is how we want our products to be. We want every breeder that chooses these products for his dear pigeons to be satisfied and happy. We want to be like a family: THE CEST PHARMA FAMILY, to walk together the road to success and enjoying the good results of our pigeons.



    MORNING BIRD manufactures a complete and comprehensive line of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products for birds. MORNING BIRD was organized to address important deficiencies in avian product design.

    Consumers of MORNING BIRD products are ultimately the reason we exist. Your decision to purchase our products will be met with our commitment to provide you the finest avian products possible formulated from the finest ingredients available. MORNING BIRD strives to become the company most known for providing the avian community with superior bird care products of unequaled product performance, presentation and price.



    VET1LABS produces many important avian medicines.